Welcome to Adventurous, a shrine dedicated to Jemma Simmons, of the Marvel television programme, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.".

Professor Jemma Simmons is a genius bio-chemist and was very young and inexperienced, to have placed in Shield's alpha team, led by Agent Coulson (now Director). She is English, a Doctor Who fan, and perfectly capable of surviving for months alone on an alien planet. She started off as something of a background character; a bit of a nerd in glasses, who is there to ramble on about complicated alien devices, using lots of unintelligable jargon and wired and wonderful equipment. You know the type. She was also the comic relief, teamed with fellow nerd, Fitz. They were even referred to as FitzSimmons, just to be cute. But Jemma is more than a clumsy, socially awkward egg-head. She is brave, she is resourceful; she is adventurous!